WWE World at WrestleMania: An Interactive Fan Experience in Philadelphia

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Discover which Superstars and Legends will be making appearances at WWE World

The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia is hosting a five-day interactive fan experience called WWE World at WrestleMania from April 4th to 8th. This event provides the WWE Universe with a unique opportunity to meet and greet their favorite Superstars in a way they can’t experience anywhere else.

Attendees who purchase a WWE World General Admission ticket will have access to Superstar Row and Autograph Stages. A list of the WWE Superstars who will be appearing each day can be found on the website, but fans should expect more announcements to come.

At Superstar Row, attendees can get a photo with their favorite WWE Superstars included with their General Admission ticket. Different Superstars will be available for photos each day from April 4th to 8th. Fans should check the talent lineup regularly as it may change before the event begins.

Similarly, at Autograph Stages, fans can get an autograph from their favorite WWE Superstars included with their General Admission ticket. Attendees can meet different Superstars each day and have the chance to get an autograph from some of their favorites. Again, talent lineups are subject to change, so fans should check for updates before attending WWE World at WrestleMania.

Overall, this event offers an unforgettable experience for wrestling fans in Philadelphia and beyond. Whether you’re looking for photos or autographs or just want to interact with your favorite Superstars up close and personal, there’s something for everyone at WWE World at WrestleMania.

By Eleanor Harrison

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