Washington State’s My Health My Data Act: Navigating New Legal and Enforcement Risks for Health-Data Handling Businesses

By Eleanor Harrison Mar28,2024
New Washington Health Data Privacy Law Poses Legal Challenges

In Washington state, businesses that handle health-related data will face new legal and enforcement risks next week as a comprehensive privacy law takes effect. The My Health My Data Act, which was passed in April 2023 in response to the US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion rights, provides some of the most extensive health information privacy protections in the country for Washington residents.

However, this law has raised concerns across various industries, with companies that didn’t see themselves as dealing with health data before being targeted with expensive legal action for perceived violations. The law establishes broad rights for individuals regarding their health information, including the right to access, correct, and delete data, as well as opt-out of certain uses. It also imposes significant obligations on businesses that handle health data, requiring them to implement specific cybersecurity measures and provide notifications in case of data breaches. Violations of the law can result in substantial fines and legal consequences for non-compliance.

To mitigate these legal risks, businesses in Washington state must carefully assess their data handling practices and ensure they are compliant with the My Health My Data Act. The law’s enforcement mechanisms are expected to be robust, with potential for class-action lawsuits and investigations by regulatory authorities. Companies must prioritize data privacy and security to avoid costly penalties and reputational damage associated with violations of this legislation.

In conclusion, businesses that handle health-related data in Washington state should take immediate action to ensure compliance with the My Health My Data Act. Failure to do so could result in significant legal consequences and financial penalties that could damage a company’s reputation and bottom line. It is crucial to prioritize data privacy and security to avoid costly mistakes and protect customers’ personal information.

By Eleanor Harrison

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