Vandalism at Patriot Park Sports Complex in Sumter: $100,000 in Damages and a Call for Information to Arrest Criminals

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Sumter Police Investigate Over $100,000 in Damages to Sports Complex

A vandalism incident has taken place at the Patriot Park sports complex in Sumter, resulting in damages over $100,000. The Sumter Police Department is currently investigating the case and seeking any information that can help identify the person(s) responsible for the crime. A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

The vandalism occurred after closing hours at 8 p.m. on Sunday and was discovered the following morning by a passerby who noticed a possible break-in at the facility. Graffiti made with black paint taken from the park’s storage area was among the damages caused, along with equipment and electronics such as heating and air conditioning units, computers, camera/security systems, concession stands, and restrooms.

Officials at Sumter County Government expressed their disappointment at the vandalism, as Patriot Park is a popular venue that draws around 350,000 people annually for soccer, softball, and baseball games and tournaments. Despite the damage caused by this act of vandalism, they are committed to repairing and cleaning up the area before moving forward. They support law enforcement in bringing those responsible to justice.

Anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the sports complex between Sunday evening and Monday morning is urged to contact the Sumter Police Department immediately at 803-436-2700 or submit tips through Crime Stoppers’ website at or using their app. Stay informed and connected with WIS by subscribing to their email newsletter or downloading their apps for more free content like this one. If you have any feedback to help improve their services, click on the provided link today! Copyright 2024 WIS – All rights reserved

By Eleanor Harrison

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