UNI Group Thrives Despite Challenges: Expansion Plans and Strategic Growth in the Retail Sector

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
Unimarkt branches transitioning into franchises

Despite facing challenges this year, the UNI Group, comprised of Unimarkt Handelsgesellschaft, UNIWholesale, and UNILogistik, achieved promising growth. The group’s online shops were not profitable and had to be closed, but the know-how gained from this venture will be used in other areas. All Unimarkt branches are set to be converted into franchises by 2024/25, with 65 out of 124 locations already being managed by franchise partners.

The concept of autonomous UNIBoxes did not prove successful, resulting in their closure due to lack of profitability. However, the group has an expansion plan for 16 more Nah&Frisch hybrid locations in the upcoming year. With a total of 23 hybrid locations at the end of the financial year, this concept is seen as the future of operations amidst challenges in finding employees. The group operates two hybrid locations and consists of UNIWholesale, UNILogistik, Unimarkt Handels GmbH, and 50% ownership of the convenience supplier unik, which achieved sales of 87 million euros in the previous financial year. With around 3,100 employees, the group remains focused on sustainable growth and strategic expansion.

By Eleanor Harrison

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