UK Government’s Science and Technology Framework: A Year of Progress and Insights

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Construction of Science and Technology Framework Delayed

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology is currently assessing the effectiveness of its plan to integrate research and development (R&D) practices across the government. This initiative was introduced one year ago, with the Science and Technology Framework being a key step towards solidifying the UK’s position as a science and technology leader.

While the framework may not have garnered widespread attention, it outlined a comprehensive strategy to incorporate science and innovation throughout various government sectors. With 10 areas of action identified, each department was tasked with specific responsibilities to contribute to this overarching goal.

Researchers and policy experts are closely monitoring the outcomes of this framework to assess its effectiveness in advancing scientific advancements and innovations across the UK. They are looking at how well each department has implemented their responsibilities and if they have seen any positive impact on R&D activities within the government.

By Eleanor Harrison

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