Two Cities Join Forces to Boost Health Services: Greenfield and West Allis Announce Merger of Health Departments

By Eleanor Harrison Mar28,2024
Health departments in West Allis and Greenfield to merge

The cities of Greenfield and West Allis have announced a merger of their health departments. Under this new arrangement, the Greenfield Health Department and the West Allis Health Department will now operate under the umbrella of the Southwest Suburban Health Department.

Funding for the Southwest Suburban Health Department will be provided mutually by the City of West Allis and the City of Greenfield, with additional support coming from grants from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services. According to Dan Devine, mayor of West Allis, this merger will allow for a more strategic and effective approach to serving the communities of both cities. By combining resources, the new department will be able to provide more robust services to residents, including improved efficiency and communication.

The Southwest Suburban Health Department will focus on improving the health and well-being of residents through education, disease prevention, promoting diversity, connection, and partnership. Michael Neitzke, mayor of Greenfield, expressed his excitement for this new arrangement and emphasized that it will streamline the delivery of health services to all residents. This merger is expected to benefit both communities in many ways.

By Eleanor Harrison

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