Third Unsuccessful Attempt in Portugal: Governing Remains a Challenge Amidst Political Polarization and Rise of Right-Wing Populism

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Portugal’s Parliament Speaker Election Ends in Failure

The election of the President of Parliament in Portugal faced a third unsuccessful attempt, highlighting deep political divisions in the newly elected “Assembleia da República” on March 10th. At the constitutive meeting in Lisbon, all candidates failed to secure the necessary absolute majority of 116 votes, even in the final round of voting. MPs will reconvene on Wednesday to try again, with the possibility for parties to nominate new candidates. This situation sets a challenging tone for the new Prime Minister of Portugal, Luis Montenegro, who leads the conservative alliance Democratic Alliance (AD).

Montenegro’s candidate for President of Parliament, José Pedro Aguiar-Branco, came in second in the third vote with 88 votes, trailing behind Francisco Assis of the Socialist Party PS who received 90 votes. Montenegro assumed the role of Prime Minister after his alliance won the most votes in the recent election, narrowly defeating the long-standing Socialists. However, the AD only holds 80 out of 230 seats in the new parliament, while the PS lost 42 seats and now has 78 MPs. The rise of the right-wing populist party Chega, led by André Ventura, with over 50 seats, adds further complexity to governing.

Given that governing is expected to be challenging due to political divisions and Chega’s refusal to collaborate with other parties or form a coalition government with conservatives and socialists alike. If Montenegro fails to secure a majority in

By Eleanor Harrison

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