The $1 Houses of Italy: A Unique Solution to Urbanization Faces Challenges as Descendant Ownership Hinders Sales

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Why is the one euro house sale in Italy failing to attract buyers?

In recent years, small towns and districts in Italy have been struggling with the issue of urbanization. As a result, these towns have found a unique solution to their abandoned and neglected houses: selling them for just one euro. This has attracted buyers from around the world, who are drawn to the charming villages and the opportunity to purchase vacation homes or rentals at a fraction of the cost.

However, despite the success stories in the media, Italy’s “houses in euros” business faces challenges. One such challenge is locating descendants of the original owners who have left to immigrate to other countries. Italian law requires permission from descendants to sell the houses, making it difficult for municipalities like Patrica, located south of Rome, to sell dozens of old houses in the village. Despite efforts by Mayor Lucho Fiordlisso to obtain consent from some homeowners and market the houses for sale, many interested parties withdrew at the last moment due to family conflicts.

As a result, only two houses were sold for one euro each, both to local residents looking to get rid of family assets. Legal barriers have prevented Mayor Fiordlisso from selling more houses, even though there was interest from international customers. The sale of these houses in Italy for one euro has been met with mixed success. Some buyers find that the cost of renovation required by Italian laws is too high and opt for more expensive properties in the area. While

By Eleanor Harrison

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