Tesla’s Dependence on China: The Risks and Rewards of Going Global

By Eleanor Harrison Mar28,2024
Elon Musk’s Vulnerability Exposed by China’s Favors: New York Times

During a recent visit to Shanghai, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, was granted special privileges by the Chinese government to establish a Tesla plant in the country. This move has sparked criticism from some quarters, who believe that this may leave him vulnerable to leverage from Beijing. The New York Times reported on Musk’s close relationship with China’s government and how concessions were offered by the Chinese government to facilitate the construction of the Tesla plant in Shanghai, which began in 2019.

Among the perks offered to Tesla by China were low-interest loans, a new emissions credit policy that benefited Tesla, and changes to ownership rules that allowed Tesla to set up without a domestic partner. As a result, the Shanghai plant now accounts for over half of Tesla’s global deliveries, making the company increasingly reliant on low production costs in China in an intensely competitive electric vehicle market. However, as China builds its own strong EV industry, Tesla faces challenges in the market. There have been concerns raised by US lawmakers regarding Musk’s dependence on China, especially given his ownership of SpaceX, a satellite company with valuable Pentagon contracts. Musk has emphasized that his companies are separate entities but has shown support for China on various issues including Taiwan.

Tesla, SpaceX and Musk have not responded to The New York Times or Business Insider’s request for comment on this matter.

By Eleanor Harrison

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