Scraping or Not Scraping? The Golf Industry’s Dilemma and How it Can Evolve towards Fairness.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Reviewing the Technology of Golf Courses: To Scrape or Not to Scrape

In recent times, Golf Course Technology Reviews, a top online source for comprehensive and unbiased reviews of golf course technology, has published an article titled “To Scrape or Not to Scrape: A Question for the Golf Industry”. The article explores the practice of scraping tee time booking engines, which is increasingly being used by companies to gather data on golf course availability and pricing.

Scraping can have negative consequences on the market by providing unfair competitive advantages and impacting market dynamics in various ways. Some of the implications include information asymmetry, pricing manipulation, barriers to entry, resource strain on target sites, and market sensitivity and volatility.

However, there is hope for a better future as there is an opportunity to establish a Fair Scraping Agreement within the golf industry. This agreement could outline who participates in scraping activities and who does not, ultimately improving the level of fairness within the industry.

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