Revolutionizing Photo Editing: Meta’s Generative AI Tools on WhatsApp and Instagram

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
WhatsApp introduces a new feature allowing users to customize photo backgrounds and styles with generative AI

Meta has recently developed new tools based on generative AI, such as the Meta AI chatbot and Expressive Media Universe (EMU), which creates images from text and allows users to create stickers directly from messaging applications to share in conversations.

In addition to these tools, Meta announced two more tools based on generative AI for editing images using EMU technology on Instagram. These tools are Restyle, which applies visual styles to images based on a description, and Backdrop, which modifies the background according to user instructions. The company plans to bring these options to the WhatsApp platform as well, as confirmed by the latest version for Android released through the Google Play beta program.

WhatsApp is now working on new features using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for photo editing. One of the standout features is the ability to modify your background and replace it with another, as well as transform your style based on user descriptions. Alongside the icon for sending photo quality in HD, three more options have been incorporated: ‘Backdrop’ (Background), ‘Restyle’ (Change style), and ‘Expand’ (Expand), allowing users to resize images according to their needs. These photo editing features are currently in development for Android, and it is unclear if they will be available on iOS devices.

By Eleanor Harrison

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