Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production: EVOLOH Secures $20 Million in Funding for Affordable and Efficient Electrolyzer Stacks

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
EVOLOH, a Cleantech Startup, Secures $20 Million in Funding for Affordable Clean Hydrogen Technology.

EVOLOH, a California-based cleantech startup, recently secured $20 million in funding to further develop its solution for producing clean and efficient hydrogen. The company specializes in manufacturing high-performance electrolyzer stacks for hydrogen production using liquid alkaline technology, which minimizes costs and technical risks by utilizing common materials like steel, plastic, and aluminum instead of precious or rare earth materials.

With the new capital raised, EVOLOH plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities and enhance the performance of its Nautilus solution. Dr. Jimmy Rojas, the founder and CEO of EVOLOH, expressed his excitement about the funding, stating that it positions the company as a leader in the electrolyzer manufacturing market. He highlighted the goal of making electrolyzer stacks affordable and efficient hardware commodities using 100% local supply chains.

The funding round was led by Engine Ventures, with additional investment from NextEra Energy Resources and 3M Ventures. Katie Rae, CEO and Managing Partner at Engine Ventures praised EVOLOH for its opportunity to commercialize better and more affordable electrolyzers as well as introducing a faster and more sustainable manufacturing platform. She noted the impressive founding team and early partnership activities of EVOLOH, making them a valuable addition to the Engine Ventures portfolio of cleantech and advanced manufacturing companies.

By Eleanor Harrison

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