Revolutionizing Food and Drink Industry: AI-Driven Taste Models Improve Product Development and Marketing

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
How AI has the potential to revolutionize beer making

These models have the potential to revolutionize the way food and drink manufacturers create new products and improve existing recipes. By using AI technology, companies could save significant time and money that would have been spent on running trials to determine consumer preferences.

Researchers spent five years analyzing the chemical composition of 250 commercial beers. By measuring a beer’s chemical properties and flavor compounds, researchers were able to understand how these factors influence the overall taste of the beer. This knowledge was then combined with assessments from a trained tasting panel and over 180,000 reviews from RateBeer, an online platform for beer enthusiasts.

This extensive data set was used to train 10 machine-learning models to predict a beer’s taste, smell, mouthfeel, and consumer rating accurately. The integration of chemical data with sensory features allowed researchers to create models that could accurately determine how a consumer would perceive a beer and how likely they would be to rate it highly.

This advancement in AI technology has the potential to transform the way food and drink products are developed and marketed in the future. With these models, companies can quickly create new products that will appeal to consumers without having to spend significant resources on research and development. Additionally, these models can help companies optimize their existing recipes by identifying areas where improvements can be made based on consumer feedback. Overall, this technology has the potential to significantly reduce costs while improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

By Eleanor Harrison

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