Revolutionizing Emergency Response: How Tulsa First Responders Use Drones and Robots to Save Lives Faster and Safer

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
New Technology Demonstrated to Assist First Responders in Disaster Situations

New technology is revolutionizing the way first responders in Tulsa save lives. A recent demonstration at OSU Tulsa showcased the usage of drones and robotic dogs in emergency situations. While the Tulsa Fire Department is already utilizing drones and robots, the constant evolution of technology means that first responders must stay updated and prepared for advancements in emergency response methods.

During the demonstration, a drone slowly descended from the sky carrying important cargo while a dog-like robot stood by to retrieve it. Dr. Jamey Jacob explained that this was a display of how emergency blood deliveries could be made directly from a hospital to the field. In order to execute such operations, a team of drone pilots and robot experts are required, although the ultimate goal is to automate the process completely.

Dr. Jacob emphasized the importance of adopting such tools in the tool kit of every first responder, as they are likely to become standard equipment in the near future. Gabriel Graveline, a TFD drone pilot, noted that using drones for tasks like blood delivery could be transformative by allowing for more expansive coverage with fewer personnel. He highlighted the potential of this technology to save lives and eliminate the need for human involvement in risky situations.

As a firefighter with extensive experience, Graveline has witnessed a variety of emergencies where enhanced resources could have made a significant difference. He expressed optimism about the direction in which technology is moving, particularly in terms of providing better resources to first responders. The Tulsa Fire Department is actively developing a program that would enable drones to autonomously respond to scenes ahead of fire crews, providing vital information about what to anticipate.

In conclusion, new technology is transforming emergency response methods for first responders in Tulsa by providing better resources and enhancing their ability to save lives quickly and efficiently. The adoption of such tools will become increasingly important as technology continues to evolve and improve over time.

By Eleanor Harrison

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