Remembering the Life and Legacy of Iconic Actor Ron Harper: A Tribute to a Beloved Veteran and Pioneer of Television

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
91-Year-Old Actor Known for ‘Generations’ and ‘Another World’

Ron Harper, a beloved veteran actor, passed away on March 21 at the age of 91 in West Hills, CA due to natural causes. His daughter, Nicole Longeuay, confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Harper had an impressive career that spanned several decades on TV. He began studying at Princeton before serving in the U.S. Navy. After returning home from the military, he relocated to New York City to work as Paul Newman’s understudy in Sweet Bird of Youth on Broadway.

Harper later moved to Los Angeles and started his television career with a role on NBC’s Tales of Wells Fargo in 1960. He went on to appear in numerous shows such as Wagon Train, Shotgun Slade, and 87th Precinct, where he played Det. Bert Kling in multiple episodes.

In addition to his TV work, Harper had regular roles on Garrison’s Gorillas, Where the Heart Is, and Planet of the Apes. He also found success in daytime dramas like Another World, Loving, and Generations.

Harper’s recent credits included roles in Pearl Harbor and The West Wing. His legacy in the entertainment industry will be remembered for years to come as he leaves behind a lasting impact on those who knew him best.

Overall Harper’s life was full of accomplishments both on screen and off screen which makes him an inspiration for many aspiring actors out there today.

It is sad news but we can take comfort knowing that Harper’s memory will live on through his work and contributions to the entertainment industry for generations to come.

By Eleanor Harrison

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