Raúl González: How a Childhood Experience Led to Success in the Tourism Industry

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
Raúl González (Barceló) is known for his ability to sleep effortlessly, even while on his feet

Raúl González, the CEO for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East of Barceló Hotel Group, was born in Guardo (Palencia) in 1961. Despite being a strange place for him as his father was stationed there for work, this experience made him believe that he was destined to work in the tourism industry. Growing up and living in Bilbao until his work with the hotel company led him to reside in Palma de Mallorca.

González admits that excessive travel can be exhausting but emphasizes its importance in his work as part of the tourism industry. He typically takes around 200 flights per year and understands the need to set an example and stay connected with hotels under his supervision. When asked about stress management, González acknowledges that it is crucial to have temperance and not let tensions impact those around him. He emphasizes the importance of respectful communication and self-reflection in decision-making.

In terms of personal interests, González enjoys sports such as paddle tennis and tennis, reading, and spending time with his family. However, he recognizes the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance and often dedicates long hours to work each day. Despite these demands, González tries to ensure that quality time is spent with his family without distractions.

As for his career evolution, González notes that as responsibilities increased, he became more focused on fostering personal relationships rather than being an economist. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and connecting with people from different roles such as team members to hotel owners. While acknowledging changing dynamics in his job, González expresses an appreciation for seeing team members grow beyond him.

Overall, Raúl González is a unique individual who has found success through taking risks while staying true to himself. He values connections over economics when it comes to building strong relationships within the tourism industry while also prioritizing family life and self-reflection in decision-making processes.

By Eleanor Harrison

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