Portuguese Parliament Faces Difficulties in Electing President after Tumultuous Election Day

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Portugal’s Parliament reconvenes to vote for president after initial election inconclusive

On Tuesday, the newly elected Portuguese Parliament faced difficulty in electing a president after three votes, prompting a postponement of the decision until the next day. The legislative elections in March resulted in a closely divided chamber, making it challenging to secure an absolute majority for any candidate. In the final vote of the day, neither José Pedro Aguiar-Branco nor Francisco Assis received enough support to be elected.

The temporary president of the Assembly of the Republic, Antonio Filipe, made the decision to delay the session after an agreement among the parties. Despite the impasse, Filipe lightened the mood by joking about not staying overnight at the official residence until the next day. The session started at 10:00 am and concluded after 11:00 pm, with unsuccessful attempts at electing a president due to the split results from the elections.

The first vote saw Aguiar-Branco as the sole candidate, followed by a second vote with additional candidates Assis and Manuela Tender. None of the candidates secured an absolute majority, necessitating a third vote that also ended inconclusively.

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By Eleanor Harrison

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