Pope Francis’ Health: Despite Speculation, Medical Professional Interviewed by Italian Newspaper and Confirms He is in Good Health for His Age.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
The Pope’s Extended Silence at Palm Sunday Mass Reignites Speculation on His Health During Easter

Amid growing concerns about the Pope’s health, the recent incident during Palm Sunday celebrations has only added to the speculation. Despite not delivering a homily and a prolonged silence that spread to the faithful in attendance, the Vatican remained tight-lipped on the matter, simply stating that it was “non-existent.”

However, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera interviewed the surgeon who operated on the Pope twice and learned that he is in good health for his age, despite occasional respiratory difficulties caused by past lung surgeries. The Pope’s schedule remains packed with upcoming commitments and trips planned, which will continue to be closely monitored as he navigates his demanding role as head of Vatican State and leader of the Catholic Church.

Despite his age and health challenges, Francis remains dedicated to fulfilling his responsibilities and maintaining a rigorous schedule. With important events such as the Synod of Synods and international trips on the horizon, it is clear that his health will continue to be a priority for those around him.

By Eleanor Harrison

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