Peter Malnati’s Valspar Championship Victory: A Microcosm of Limited vs Full Field Battles on the PGA Tour

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
Rex & Lav’s Valspar Win Reflects Larger Concerns

The unexpected victory by Peter Malnati at the Valspar Championship marked a historic moment as he became the first PGA Tour policy board player director to win this season. In a podcast episode, senior writers Rex Hoggard and Ryan Lavner analyze Malnati’s win as a microcosm of the Tour’s battle of limited vs. full fields. They also delve into Cam Young’s 18th-hole collapse and his ongoing struggle to secure a win on Tour.

The hosts kick off the podcast with Lav’s return from vacation and reflect on insights gained from a recent appearance by Steve Sands. They question the lack of accountability for Cam Young’s recent setback and praise Scottie Scheffler’s standout performance that is elevating scrutiny on other players’ games. The discussion on Malnati’s win extends into the implications for the Tour as a whole and the value of journeymen like Malnati in a potential new world-tour era.

The unique perspective of Malnati winning as a Tour policy board member adds an interesting dimension to the conversation, highlighting the intersecting roles and responsibilities within the golf community. With Justin Thomas’s performance causing some concern, the hosts explore the various factors at play leading into the Masters. The episode concludes with a lighter segment on what’s cooking on the grill and Puerto Rico detox to round out the discussion.

In summary, Peter Malnati’s unexpected victory at Valspar Championship was significant not only because it marked his first career PGA Tour win but also because he was one of several policy board player directors competing in this season’s tournament. Senior writers Rex Hoggard and Ryan Lavner analyzed his win as a microcosm of limited vs full field battles, while also delving into other topics such as Cam Young’s struggles to secure wins on tour and whether Justin Thomas should be cause for concern leading up to Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters tournament.

The podcast episode began with Lavner reflecting on his recent vacation and insights gained from an appearance by Steve Sands, while questioning why there is no accountability for Cam Young’s recent setbacks. They also praised Scottie Scheffler’s standout performance that was increasing scrutiny on other players’ games. The discussion extended into how Malnati’s win could have implications for future seasons if there is potential for new world-tour era.

Furthermore, Hoggard explored how Malnati winning as policy board member added an intriguing dimension to their conversation about roles and responsibilities within golf community.

The hosts ended their discussion with Thomas’ concerns before moving onto what is cooking on grill or detox in Puerto Rico before wrapping up their analysis of malnati victory at Valspar championship

By Eleanor Harrison

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