Orbán’s Diplomatic Dance: Hungarian Prime Minister Maintains Communication with Putin amid NATO Controversy over Macron’s Troops Statement

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Hungary’s top diplomat warns that presence of Western troops in Ukraine could lead to ‘world war’

Last month, French President Emmanuel Macron made a statement that Western ground troops in Ukraine should not be “ruled out.” This statement caused panic and received immediate pushback from most NATO allies, although not all European leaders condemned Macron’s message. In response to Macron’s comments, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán maintained communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago. Orbán even congratulated Putin on his election win last month, which was widely criticized by most Western democracies as rigged.

Szijjártó, who had already stated that Hungary was not willing to send weapons or soldiers to Ukraine, told TASS that “words matter.” He expressed concern about the possibility of NATO member states sending troops to Ukraine, emphasizing the danger it poses in terms of security threats. Szijjártó emphasized that Hungary keeps communication channels open with Russia, stating that Putin and Orbán can have discussions at any time if there is a need for interaction between the two leaders.

By Eleanor Harrison

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