Kentucky Healthcare Liability Bill: Protecting Providers or Limiting Abortion Access?

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Expansive language in Kentucky legislation aimed at safeguarding doctors and healthcare providers involved in IVF Services

In Kentucky, lawmakers have proposed House Bill 159 to safeguard doctors and other health professionals from legal liability for any harm or damages allegedly resulting from their provision of healthcare services. Senator Whitney Westerfield, a Hopkinsville-based abortion opponent who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, emphasized the importance of this clarification in ensuring that healthcare providers can offer their services without fear of prosecution.

The bill’s definition of healthcare providers is broad enough to include IVF services, as Senator Westerfield noted. This move has sparked debate among anti-abortion advocates who seek to recognize embryos and fetuses as humans, potentially leading to further restrictions on abortion access. The ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court granting legal protections to embryos outside the uterus in wrongful death lawsuits has also raised political attention in Kentucky.

Governor Andy Beshear must now approve the legislation before it takes effect. Public service and fact-based journalism, like that provided by WEKU, are crucial for nonprofit news organizations that aim to provide accurate and important news coverage to communities. Monthly donations from supporters help these organizations continue their mission of providing reliable information to readers around the world.

By Eleanor Harrison

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