Judge Requests Report on Telegram Ahead of Suspension: What Comes Next for Spanish Users?

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
Judge Pedraz reverses decision and halts blocking of Telegram

In an unprecedented move, Judge Santiago Pedraz has decided to request a report from the General Information Commissioner before taking any action against Telegram in Spain. The magistrate intends for the report to provide detailed information on the characteristics of Telegram and the potential impact of a temporary suspension on users. The ruling of the National Court judge does not provide any additional details about new deadlines or what to expect from this report.

The announcement of the suspension this Friday night caused chaos among Telegram’s eight million users in Spain. Operators struggled to block an application of this magnitude, with content linked to dissident activities in undemocratic or directly illicit countries causing technical difficulties. Countries like Russia and Iran have used Telegram as a communication channel for protests, while drug sales, far-right activities, disinformation, violent content, child pornography and terrorism have also thrived on its channels due to its anonymous nature.

The initial measure to block Telegram was taken at the request of media groups such as Mediaset, Atresmedia and Movistar Plus who claimed that copyrighted content was being shared on some of its channels. The judge issued an order so that operators suspended resources associated with Telegram within three hours of receiving it. However, as of Monday morning, operators consulted by EL PAÍS had not received any notification.

By Eleanor Harrison

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