Jacobs Financial: A Family-Owned Business Recognized for Excellence in St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce Awards

By Eleanor Harrison Apr23,2024
Jacobs Financial Awarded Family-Owned Business of the Year

Jim Jacobs, a former partner in Jacobs, Willmore, and Associates, has been recognized as the 2024 Family-Owned Business of the Year by the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce. The business was founded in 1979 and has since grown to include seven advisors and seven support staff, with plans to add more advisors this year. Additionally, they are looking to expand into Brainerd and Maple Grove areas.

Andy Jacobs, one of the current owners of the business, believes that being a family-owned business changes your mindset and emphasizes the importance of trust when working with clients. They strive to do the right thing not only for their clients but for the community as well. The relationship between Jacobs Financial and the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce has been integral to their success, helping them connect with people, build relationships, and find clients and business owners in the community.

The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its annual Business Awards Luncheon on May 1st at 11:30 am at Park Events Center. This year’s award recipients include H&S Heating, A/C, Electrical and Plumbing as Small Business Owners of the Year, Jill Magelssen as Women in Business Champion and Jim Andy Dave from Jacobs Financial as Family-Owned Business of the Year. Tickets are available on their website for more information about tickets and all award recipients.

By Eleanor Harrison

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