International Community Urgently Called Upon to End Israeli Attacks on Gaza Civilians: Permanent Ceasefire, Release of Hostages and Increased Humanitarian Aid Needed

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
The Arab world embraces the UN decision as a crucial and vital advancement.

Saudi Arabia has urged the international community to put an end to Israeli attacks on Gaza civilians, citing the need to stop their suffering and provide hope to the Palestinian people. The country has called for a permanent cease-fire, the release of hostages, and increased humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has also welcomed the Security Council’s decision for a cease-fire in Gaza after months of Israeli military operations. The ministry emphasized the importance of stopping bloodshed and preventing civilian losses, as well as allowing humanitarian aid to reach all parts of the Strip.

Jordan has supported the resolution for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, urging Israel to comply with it and protect civilians. The Jordanian Foreign Ministry stressed that implementing this resolution is crucial for achieving a permanent cease-fire and protecting the two-state solution.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has welcomed efforts by various international parties aimed at resolving the crisis in Gaza. The ministry views these efforts as necessary for ending aggression, withdrawing Israeli forces from Gaza, releasing captives, preventing displacement, and ending famine.

By Eleanor Harrison

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