Impact of Lake Okeechobee Discharges on Stuart’s Boat Services and Water Sports Centers

By Eleanor Harrison Mar28,2024
Stuart business owners feeling effects of Lake Okeechobee water discharges

Diver Russell Singson of Barracuda Dive Service in Stuart is concerned about the impact of discharges from Lake Okeechobee on his business. The murky water caused by the discharges makes it difficult for divers like Singson to see clearly underwater and complete their work efficiently. Singson shared that the decreased visibility has affected his business, leading to smaller paychecks and delays in servicing boats.

Nancy Husk, operations manager of At the Helm Training located down the St. Lucie River, echoes Singson’s concerns. The training center has seen a significant decrease in bookings for training sessions due to worries about the cleanliness of the water stemming from the discharges. Husk highlighted that younger clients are hesitant to rent boats and engage in water activities due to current water conditions.

Both Singson and Husk hope that changes will be implemented to reduce the discharges into their area. Singson mentioned that they have a plan in progress to release less water in their direction, and he is optimistic that this will happen soon. Husk emphasized how important it is to address this issue before it escalates into severe algae blooms, similar to what occurred in 2018, which could harm local businesses and deter visitors from enjoying the area.

In conclusion, diver Russell Singson and Nancy Husk both agree that addressing the issue of Lake Okeechobee’s discharges into their area is crucial for their businesses’ survival. They hope for positive changes that will improve the water quality and allow them to continue providing services without any further delays or financial losses.

As a journalist rewriting this article, I decided to change its structure by starting with an introduction about Russell Singson’s work as a diver cleaning boats underneath in Stuart and then gradually moving on to Nancy Husk’s concerns about her training center downriver.

I also shuffled some paragraphs around so that they flow better together, making each paragraph more coherent while still conveying the same message as before.

Finally, I added some new sentences at the end of my article summarizing my rewritten version’s key points and highlighting how both Russell Singson and Nancy Husk are optimistic about changes being implemented soon.

By Eleanor Harrison

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