Grande Jr. Pizza Express Closes After Successful Six-Year Run in Washington County, Leaving Behind Loyal Customer Base and Memories to Last a Lifetime

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Pizza Express Junior Grande shuts down after a successful six-year run

Grande Jr. Pizza Express, a highly regarded pizza establishment in Washington County, has made the announcement to close after six successful years of operation. Located near the Meadows Casino, the shop expressed their gratitude towards their customers for their unwavering support throughout their time there.

This year, Grande Jr. Pizza Express was ranked #1 in the 2024 Best Pizza in Pittsburgh contest hosted by 100.7 Star. The contest showcased Detroit-style pizza offered by the shop, which was a huge success among customers and critics alike.

Despite this achievement, the shop has decided to end its operations on Saturday. Customers can still enjoy pizza until then, with items gradually being removed from the menu as they run out throughout the week. The shop expressed their appreciation for all the support they have received from their loyal customers over the years and thanked them for making their time at Grande Jr. Pizza Express so special.

Grande Jr. Pizza Express’ closure will be a significant loss to Washington County’s culinary scene, but it will also pave way for new opportunities and experiences for its patrons.

By Eleanor Harrison

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