Google Faces Infringement Claims Over Reverse Phone Lookup Technology

By Eleanor Harrison Apr3,2024
Google Faces Lawsuit for Infringing Patent on Reverse Lookup Technology

The tech giant Google is currently facing infringement claims from the patent holder of reverse phone lookup technology used on the inventor’s website, Plaintiff Jeff Isaacs has alleged that Google is infringing his patent, No. US RE48,847, which is titled “Post-Page Caller Name Identification System.” This infringement claim arises from Google selling apps on the Google Play Store that allegedly perform processes and methods outlined in Isaacs’ patent.

According to the complaint filed, Google is accused of inducing its users to infringe the patent by providing a complete system for reverse phone lookup when users enter a phone number to query. This has led to the claim that Google is facilitating patent infringement through its actions.

The legal battle between Google and Jeff Isaacs highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the technology sector. It showcases the potential risks and liabilities that arise when utilizing patented technology without proper authorization. The outcome of this case will set a precedent for how companies like Google handle infringement claims related to patented technology, and it will shed light on the legal responsibilities of tech giants to respect the intellectual property rights of inventors and patent holders.

By Eleanor Harrison

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