From Private Chef to Pro: Bjornson’s Secret to Building Muscle Mass

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
What is the diet of the world’s strongest man?

Achieving weight gain requires discipline, consistency, and precision from the body. Building large muscle mass also demands regular maintenance to prevent loss. Planning plays a crucial role in achieving results, considering factors like daily routine, mental states, and training routine.

To consume 8000 calories a day, strong adherence to principles is necessary. Strongman competitor Bjornson treats eating as a job, with his father as his private chef. His daily menu consists of large portions of eggs, rice, fruits, and protein shakes spread throughout the day.

Bjornson’s eating routine includes multiple meals and snacks to meet his calorie goal. He consumes a large amount of rice, steak, vegetables, and proteins to fuel his body for intense training sessions. His meticulous approach to nutrition is essential in preparing for competitions with high physical demands.

In conclusion, building muscle mass requires a well-planned diet that incorporates discipline, consistency and precision. Bjornson’s success story highlights the importance of having a private chef who can prepare meals that meet his specific needs for weight gain and training requirements.

By Eleanor Harrison

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