From ‘Perfect’ to ‘Poison’: The Dark Side of Hollywood and Anne Hathaway’s Struggles with Labeling and Identity

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
How Anne Hathaway fell out of favor with the world

The world of entertainment is notorious for its cutthroat nature, and actress Anne Hathaway experienced firsthand the dangers of being labeled as “perfect” during her time in the 2010s. She faced an onslaught of criticism during the press tour for her new film Mothers’ Instinct, with many people inventing flaws in her just to be cautious.

Hollywood was in a precarious state at that time, with movements like #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite gaining traction. Hathaway found herself at the center of it all, facing vague accusations that varied depending on who you asked. One moment she was praised for being enthusiastic and earnest, while the next she was criticized for being insincere and entitled. Her dual roles as an Oscar-winning star in Les Misérables and a millennial version of Julia Roberts in lighter films like Valentine’s Day and Bride Wars made her career suffer as she missed out on job opportunities.

Despite the negative publicity, Hathaway found solace in Christopher Nolan’s support during a low point in her career when he cast her in Interstellar. She expressed gratitude for his belief in her talent despite the negative press surrounding her. Looking back now, she reflects on how toxic online personas can damage one’s career and how important it is to maintain a positive image online.

By Eleanor Harrison

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