From College Champ to Knicks Record-Holder: Donte DiVincenzo’s Impressive Play

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
Donte DiVincenzo lights up Pistons, shatters Knicks record with 11 3-pointers

Donte DiVincenzo is a basketball player who has had success in March, having won two NCAA championships and a Final Four Most Outstanding Player award with Villanova. Recently, he made history with the New York Knicks by scoring 40 points in a game against the Detroit Pistons and hitting 11 3-pointers, breaking the Knicks’ all-time record for a single game. This impressive performance took place at Madison Square Garden in front of a supportive crowd.

Despite the Pistons’ struggles this season, including tying the league’s longest losing streak, DiVincenzo’s impressive performance added to their woes. He finished the game shooting 14 of 23 from the field, 11 of 20 from beyond the arc, and contributed in other areas of the game with five rebounds, two assists, and two steals. The win improved the Knicks’ record to 43-28, while the Pistons fell to a league-worst 12-60.

Late in the game, DiVincenzo was tied with J.R. Smith and Evan Fournier for the most 3-pointers made in a game for the Knicks. However, with just over three minutes remaining, he made another 3-pointer to claim the record for himself. The crowd showed their appreciation with an ovation, and he was subbed out shortly after for a curtain call by head coach Tom Thibodeau.

With this record-breaking performance, Donte DiVincenzo solidified his place in

By Eleanor Harrison

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