French Energy Crisis: Renegotiating Unfair Energy Contracts for Small Businesses and Building New Nuclear Reactors

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
EDF to renegotiate contracts for companies facing “unfairly high” electricity prices

The French energy crisis has had a significant impact on small and medium-sized companies (VSEs, SMEs, and ETIs), who have been hit with high electricity prices during the crisis. In response to this, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Energy, has called for the renegotiation of contracts signed at these high prices. EDF has responded to this call and committed to renegotiating contracts with these companies.

Professional organizations, such as the Confederation of French Traders (CDF), have also been calling for the renegotiation of electricity prices, which they consider unfairly high. The CDF represents various independent traders and highlights the disproportionate prices compared to market rates that small businesses are currently facing. According to a survey conducted by professional unions, many businesses remain tied to energy supply contracts with prices significantly higher than the current market rate. This financial burden has been exacerbated by the increase in electricity prices in February.

In addition to addressing pricing concerns, Bruno Le Maire has called on EDF to allocate the necessary resources to the construction of new nuclear reactors while adhering to set costs and deadlines. The minister highlighted the importance of this project and the need for its successful completion to meet the government’s energy priorities.

EDF’s commitment to renegotiating contracts with VSEs, SMEs, and ETIs is crucial for these companies who have been hit hardest by high electricity prices during the crisis. The group is committed to finding a solution that is fair and equitable for all parties involved while adhering to set costs and deadlines.

By Eleanor Harrison

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