Foreign Policy: The Unlikely Deciding Factor in the US Presidential Election

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
The Impact of the US Election on Global Relations

According to Stephen Walt of the Harvard Kennedy School, the role of foreign policy in the upcoming US presidential election will be more significant than expected. Walt believes that this is due to a lack of major foreign policy successes for Biden and an economy that did not favor him as much as anticipated.

Walt suggests that while there may be differences between a second Biden or Trump term in terms of foreign policy, these differences may not be as significant as many believe. He notes that on important issues such as China policy, there isn’t a huge gap between the two candidates, with Biden’s approach building on Trump’s policies, especially focusing on high-tech issues.

However, Walt also highlights the potential for Trump to take a less supportive stance towards Europe and NATO due to his nationalist and unilateralist tendencies. Despite these differences, Walt believes that the outcomes of their second administrations may not be drastically different in certain areas such as the Middle East and Ukraine.

Overall, Walt’s analysis suggests that while there are differences between Trump and Biden in foreign policy, the outcomes may not be significantly different in some areas. Viewers can catch GZERO World with Ian Bremmer every week on or on US public television.

By Eleanor Harrison

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