Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment: A Guide to Managing Your Condition

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
The Impact of Omer Detz’s Death: Understanding Epilepsy | Dr. Itai Gal

Epilepsy is a condition that affects approximately one percent of the world’s population and can be genetic or caused by head injuries, brain tumors, or drug and alcohol use. The cause of epileptic seizures is not always clear, but treatment aims to prevent electrical disturbances and reduce the risk of recurrent seizures. While half of patients respond well to drug treatment and can live almost seizure-free lives, 30% require more complex treatment, and 20% are resistant to drugs and may need surgery.

Sometimes, seizures can be caused by temporary conditions such as drug exposure or abnormal blood levels, which can be resolved without recurrence of seizures. However, conditions like head injury, stroke, tumors, birth defects, and metabolic diseases can lead to recurrent seizures. Despite being a lifelong condition, modern drug treatments allow most epilepsy patients to lead normal lives with decreasing medication over time. Some patients may even be able to stop medication if they remain seizure-free for at least four years.

The diagnosis of epilepsy involves an electroencephalograph (EEG) test that records brain waves over time to identify abnormalities that may require drug treatment. It’s important for people with epilepsy to understand their condition fully and make lifestyle changes such as avoiding triggers that cause seizures and taking medications as prescribed by their healthcare provider. There are also various resources available online for people with epilepsy to connect with others who have similar experiences and find support in managing their condition.

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