Empowering Women in Sports: Play Gap Receives NCAA Recognition for Dedication to Equity and Accessibility

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
NCAA Award Sheds Light on Disparity in Playing Opportunities

Barb Anthony, a former basketball player and social worker, has spent the past six years building a brand called Play Gap. As the co-founder of the nonprofit organization, she has worked tirelessly to promote equity and accessibility in sports for adult women.

Initially known as Cleveland Women’s Sports, the organization evolved into the Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance before being rebranded as Play Gap with a goal to reach a wider audience. Barb realized that the gap in women’s sports was not limited to northeast Ohio alone and decided to expand the organization beyond the local region.

As volunteers, Barb and other founders of Play Gap have committed their time and effort towards advancing its mission of making women’s sports more visible and accessible. Barb hopes to transition Play Gap into her full-time job soon to provide even more opportunities for women in sports.

Recognizing her dedication and hard work, the NCAA has honored Barb Anthony as one of its Legends and Legacy Community Award recipients ahead of the NCAA Women’s Final Four in Cleveland. This recognition provides Barb and Play Gap with a platform to promote their cause and expand their reach far beyond northeast Ohio.

By Eleanor Harrison

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