Double Whammy: Papa Johns and Revolution Bars Announce Closures and Review of Business Performance

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
Papa John’s to close 10% of UK pizza locations

Papa Johns, a well-known pizza chain in the UK, has announced that it will shut down nearly 10% of its restaurants due to underperformance. The decision was made after a review of the business identified locations that were no longer financially viable. As a result, 43 sites will be closed across England, affecting employees and customers alike. However, Papa Johns has stated that it will fully support its employees throughout the process and help them find redeployment opportunities where possible.

Meanwhile, Revolution Bars has also revealed that it may consider putting itself up for sale as part of a review of the business. Following reports that it could close around a quarter of its outlets, the company has acknowledged the challenges it has faced and is exploring strategic options to improve its future prospects. This could include restructuring parts of the group or selling all or part of the business.

In recent years, Papa Johns has been expanding into non-traditional locations such as holiday parks and partnering with other large retailers to increase its market share. Similarly, Revolution Bars has been looking at ways to diversify its portfolio and enter new markets to drive growth. Both companies are committed to improving their performance and ensuring long-term success in the competitive UK marketplace.

By Eleanor Harrison

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