Discovering the Cosmos: Buffalo Museum of Science Hosts Eclipse-A-Palooza for Spring Break”.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
Buffalo Museum of Science Hosts Eclipse-A-Palooza Event

Looking for fun activities to do during spring break? If you’re in Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo Museum of Science has got you covered. The museum is offering Eclipse-A-Palooza, a weeklong program dedicated to the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8th.

Eclipse-A-Palooza features daily activities that will teach visitors about the eclipse, including what happens during the event, the technology used to observe astronomical events, and even an Eclipse Eve celebration. The museum has been named a “subject matter expert site” by NASA for the days leading up to the eclipse and will have NASA scientists and educators hosting programming throughout the weekend.

The program will take place from April 1st to 7th, with activities running from 10AM to 2PM each day. Regular museum admission includes entry to the exhibits, and Buffalo Public School students can enjoy free admission on April 5th to 7th. However, please note that the museum will be closed on April 8th, the day of the eclipse.

If you’re interested in attending Eclipse-A-Palooza at the Buffalo Museum of Science, tickets can be purchased on their website. Don’t miss this educational and exciting opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Solar Eclipse!

By Eleanor Harrison

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