Dancing to Health: Studying the Challenges and Solutions to Prevent Injuries in Professional Dancers

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Researchers in Fort Worth are studying the health of female ballet dancers – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Dancing is a beautiful form of art that requires dedication and sacrifice to reach the professional level. But the journey to become a professional dancer can come with its own set of challenges, including stress injuries and fractures. Researchers at the Performing Arts Medicine Clinic at UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth are studying these challenges from a health perspective, specifically bone health.

Dr. Yein Lee, the Fellowship Director at UNT Health Science Center, has seen many issues related to bone health in clinic from a sports medicine perspective. Meanwhile, Dr. Stephen Fung, a Performing Arts Medicine Fellow, was motivated by his personal experience as a Dancesport competitor to find out why dancers experience stress injuries and fractures. He initiated a study to identify risk factors and solutions to prevent these injuries in ballet dancers, focusing on women dancers because of their unique biological differences.

Historically, female ballet dancers have been under immense pressure to be both strong and slender. Dr. Fung highlights the importance of addressing this aesthetic pressure and promoting healthy body image among young dancers who are concerned about their appearance during training. He believes that this pressure may lead to eating disorders and calorie restriction among dancers seeking a certain look.

Bethany Bailey, a dance student and teacher at TCU, adds her own insights into the discussion about eating disorders in the dance community. She emphasizes the importance of promoting healthy mindset and body image in dance departments. Bailey shares her personal experience with ballet, which she has been involved in since childhood.

Dr. Lee observes a cultural shift within the dance world towards prioritizing the health and well-being of dancers over aesthetics alone. Their research aims to create a self-assessment checklist for women ballet dancers that identifies their risk factors and promotes overall health and enjoyment of dancing.

Ultimately, this research aims to support dancers in staying healthy while pursuing their passion for performing art.

In conclusion, ballet is an art form that demands dedication and sometimes sacrifices from aspiring artists who want to reach professional levels. However, it is crucial for researchers like those at UNT Health Science Center’s Performing Arts Medicine Clinic to focus on not only technical skills but also overall health concerns such as bone density loss or injury prevention risks associated with dancing professionally.

Researchers like Drs. Fung and Lee understand how important it is for female ballet dancers specifically as they face unique challenges due to societal pressures surrounding body image and strength balance requirements for their craft.

As such, they strive not only to help prevent injuries but also promote healthy habits among young aspiring ballerinas while encouraging them not to lose sight of their passion for performance art entirely.

It is essential that we continue supporting efforts like these so that future generations can continue pushing boundaries while remaining safe from harm’s way when pursuing careers in performing arts such as ballet or any other type of dance forms worldwide!

By Eleanor Harrison

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