Cocoa Beans Surpass Copper Prices on Futures Market, Sparking Concerns in Chocolate Industry

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
Copper cheaper than cocoa

Cocoa beans, the raw material used to make chocolate, have surpassed the price of copper on the New York futures market. On Tuesday, the price of cocoa rose by over 5 percent to a record high of $9,400 per ton. This shift in the commodities market has caused panic in the industry due to several factors.

Poor weather conditions and structural issues such as aging and diseased trees in West Africa, which is the main source of cocoa production, have led to smaller harvests. These problems have contributed to a 50 percent increase in cocoa prices in March alone. The rise in prices has made cocoa more expensive than copper, marking a significant shift in the commodities market.

The chocolate industry is facing significant implications due to the increasing costs of cocoa beans. Producers and consumers are both concerned about the trend, as it could lead to a shortage in the global cocoa supply. The combination of supply chain challenges and increased demand for cocoa products could result in higher prices for consumers, impacting their purchasing power.

By Eleanor Harrison

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