China’s Soccer Takes a Hard Hit: Corruption and Financial Instability Threaten Success of Domestic Leagues.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
China imposes 8-year prison sentences on sports officials found guilty of bribery

The Communist Party has been cracking down on corruption in sports programs in China, and the former president of the Chinese Football Association has received a life sentence for his involvement in match-fixing and financial crimes. Other high-ranking officials, including the former head of the National Athletics Association and former soccer officials, have also been sentenced to prison for accepting bribes.

The Chinese Football Association Super League, largely backed by real estate firms, has faced financial instability due to concerns about the financial health of China’s economy. Payments to players and hopes for international recognition have been affected by this instability.

Despite earlier successes, China’s domestic soccer leagues have a history of corruption and financial problems. Corruption in the sport has been linked to payoffs to players and referees to influence game outcomes, as well as allegations of payments to secure spots for players at training camps for top teams.

The challenges facing Chinese soccer are exacerbated by economic slowdowns and government involvement in sports, culture, and private business. The efforts to improve the success of China’s soccer programs have been hindered by these factors.

By Eleanor Harrison

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