Chancellor Scholz Stresses Fiscal Responsibility in Second Chancellor Talks of the Year: Addressing a Range of Topics from US Election to Housing Crisis”.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
The central themes discussed during Scholz’s visit to Brandenburg

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to hold his second Chancellor Talks event of the year in Brandenburg, Germany. This time, he will be speaking in the city of Brandenburg an der Havel and will be joined by 150 citizens who will have the opportunity to ask their questions. The event, which takes place on May 23rd, will be a 90-minute Q&A session where Scholz will address a range of topics.

During the discussion, Scholz reiterates his support for the debt brake and emphasizes the need for fiscal responsibility even in times of crisis. He is open to reforming the rule outlined in the Basic Law and suggests that the debt brake may need to be revisited. However, he is firm in his belief that some form of fiscal restraint is necessary to prevent reckless spending.

Scholz also addresses the upcoming US election and expresses confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to stand up to Donald Trump. He reassures the audience that Germany is prepared for any potential changes in US policies, especially in relation to NATO commitments. The Chancellor also defends the decision to provide Ukrainian war refugees with welfare benefits in Germany, citing the urgency of the situation in Ukraine.

In addition, Scholz emphasizes the importance of affordable housing and calls for new construction projects to address

By Eleanor Harrison

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