Brewers’ New License Plate Recognition Technology Makes Home Opener Debut Amid Technical Difficulties

By Eleanor Harrison Apr3,2024
Traditional Parking Method Reinstated at AmFam Field Until New Technology Issues Are Addressed

The Brewers’ home opener on Tuesday was marked by the introduction of their new license plate recognition technology. However, some fans encountered issues trying to activate their parking pass due to a server problem. As a result, fans were manually scanned in at the game. Rick Schlesinger, President of Business Operations for the Brewers, addressed the situation during the game and assured fans that they would not be cited for parking that night.

If the system continued to have issues, he said that they would revert back to the previous year’s method of scanning fans. Schlesinger also apologized for the inconvenience caused by the technical difficulties and thanked fans for their patience. The vendor responsible for the technology, Interstate Parking, released a statement explaining that connectivity issues were due to a configuration problem with their app, not because of any fault on the part of the Brewers or MLB Ballpark App.

Interstate Parking is currently working on correcting the issue as quickly as possible so that fans can use new technology smoothly. Starting with the next game, fans will revert to traditional parking methods where cashiers will scan prepaid passes and accept day-of-game payments upon arrival. This is only a temporary change until Interstate Parking resolves technical issues permanently. Once again, Interstate Parking has apologized for any inconvenience experienced by fans during this home opener but emphasized that no parking violations were issued at any point in time.

In conclusion, while some fans faced initial difficulties in using new license plate recognition technology during this season’s home opener, steps are being taken to ensure smooth operations moving forward. The Brewers and vendors involved are committed to addressing any problems promptly and providing an excellent experience for all attendees at future games.

By Eleanor Harrison

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