Breakthrough in CO2 Removal Technologies: Can Direct Air Capture Finally Become Affordable?

By Eleanor Harrison Mar28,2024
New DAC Technology Offers Capture Prices Under $100

New advancements in emerging technologies for CO2 removal are offering hope for achieving the crucial cost target of $150 per ton sooner than expected. This significant cost reduction could pave the way for widespread deployment of direct air capture (DAC) technology, which is currently estimated to cost anywhere from $400/ton to $1,000/ton or even higher, making them unaffordable for many potential buyers seeking to purchase CO2 removal credits (CDRs) to offset their emissions. Experts have long emphasized the importance of bringing DAC costs below $150 per ton in order to promote widespread adoption of this technology. With these new breakthroughs, this price point may be achievable before 2030, and could have far-reaching implications for carbon mitigation efforts and the fight against climate change.

By Eleanor Harrison

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