Breaking the Arms Trade Cycle: How the United States Can Help End Violence in Haiti

By Eleanor Harrison Mar25,2024
US weapons enabling gang violence in Haiti: The criminal economy fueling deadly conflicts | Update from Armed Groups

For decades, human rights activists and civil society organizations in Haiti have been pushing for an end to the illegal arms trade that supplies criminal gangs, with a significant portion of the weapons coming from the United States. Despite having no weapons or ammunition factories of its own, Haiti is plagued by violence and mourning due to firearms imported from other countries.

The recent surge in deadly gang attacks in Port-au-Prince has reignited the call for action on this issue. Rosy Auguste Ducena, a lawyer and program director at the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH), a prominent Haitian rights group, emphasized the need to address the influx of weapons into Haiti.

In particular, Ducena highlighted the importance of tightening controls on the export of firearms from countries like the United States, which have weak state institutions, corruption, and challenges in monitoring their vast coastline. The United States plays a significant role in fueling this issue by allowing weapons to be exported with little oversight or regulation.

If countries like the United States are willing to assist Haiti in addressing this problem, one important step they could take is to strengthen their export control laws and regulations. This would help prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands and contributing to violence and instability in Haiti. It would also be a positive step towards promoting peace and security both domestically and abroad.

By Eleanor Harrison

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