Breaking News: Former Restaurant Owner Geoffrey Enrico Cole Arrested for Sexual Assault at San Diego Business

By Eleanor Harrison Apr3,2024
Gaslamp-area restaurant business owner sentenced to jail for alleged sexual assaults

Geoffrey Enrico Cole, the former owner of a Gaslamp Quarter restaurant, was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting two acquaintances at his downtown business last spring. The alleged assaults occurred on May 27, 2023, at Chefs SD on F Street. Cole, 41, was taken into custody by the San Diego Police Department and booked into county jail on charges of sexual battery and indecent exposure. However, he is not currently in custody as his arrest came hours after the grand opening of his new restaurant, Brunch After Dark or BAD, in downtown San Diego.

In a statement posted on his Instagram page, Cole professed his innocence and denied any knowledge of the allegations. He stated that he did not know the details of the crimes he was accused of or who the alleged victims were. As a result of this incident, Cole announced that he would be pausing all current business ventures in the city of San Diego until further notice.

This incident has drawn significant attention and concern within the community. It is important for the legal process to investigate and determine the truth of the allegations. The San Diego Police Department is actively working on this case, and more information will be released as the investigation progresses. As a result of these serious charges, Cole’s future in the restaurant industry remains uncertain.

By Eleanor Harrison

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