Boycott Israeli Food Giants Strauss and Osem to Show Support for Consumer Protection: A Call to Action

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Nir Barkat urges public to boycott Strauss, criticizing food giant – Israel News

The Israeli government has recently placed Strauss and Osem, two prominent food companies, on an economic blacklist for disregarding commitments to keep prices frozen. This move was announced by Economy Minister Nir Barkat, who expressed his disdain towards the companies for distributing profits to shareholders while claiming financial difficulties.

Barkat urged consumers to boycott both companies as part of his efforts to protect them from rising prices. He emphasized the importance of consumer protection regulation and announced the inclusion of a black sticker on products that have raised prices without government approval. By choosing not to support these companies, consumers can send a clear message against price hikes and unethical business practices.

Strauss Group has been a prominent food manufacturer in Israel since its establishment in 1939 as a small dairy producer in Nahariya. With around 12,000 employees, half of whom are based in Israel, Strauss has been considered a stable and significant player in the Israeli food industry. However, recent reports suggest that the company has failed to honor its commitments to keep prices frozen, leading it to be placed on the economic blacklist.

Osem is another food company that has been placed on the blacklist for similar reasons. Both companies have been subjected to public scrutiny and are now being held accountable for their actions during times of peace and conflict. By supporting these companies through boycotts, consumers can take a stand against unethical business practices and ensure that their rights are protected.

The decision by Barkat to place Strauss and Osem on the economic blacklist sends a clear message that consumer protection regulations will not be ignored during times of crisis or war. By encouraging consumers to boycott these companies, Barkat is taking action against price hikes and ensuring that businesses act ethically at all times.

In conclusion, it is important for consumers to take action when they see unethical behavior from companies they support. By choosing not to support Strauss and Osem through boycotts, consumers can make a statement about what they stand for and demand better treatment from businesses in Israel.

By Eleanor Harrison

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