Biden and Harris Criticize GOP Health Care Agenda, Call for Women’s Right to Choose during North Carolina Visit”.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Biden aims to highlight differences with Trump on health care in North Carolina

Vice President Harris and President Biden made a trip to North Carolina to highlight the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act and criticize the health care agenda of the Republicans. The visit coincided with the signing into law of the Affordable Care Act, but Biden used the occasion to speak out against Trump and the Republicans for their attempts to limit abortion and reduce health care coverage.

Biden pointed out that Trump had attempted to repeal ObamaCare numerous times without success, and that a budget proposal from the Republican Study Committee had proposed cuts to entitlement programs. He emphasized that women have a right to choose their own health care options, regardless of what politicians say or do.

Harris and Biden also spoke about North Carolina’s role in the upcoming election, with both presidential and gubernatorial races at stake. Recent polling showed Biden narrowing Trump’s lead in North Carolina from 9 percentage points to 6 percentage points.

The visit was seen as an opportunity for Biden’s campaign to win in North Carolina after losing there in 2020. It was also an opportunity for him to criticize Trump’s controversial comments about punishing women who have abortions and taking credit for ending Roe v. Wade. Despite these controversies, however, both Democrats stressed the importance of moving forward together, protecting democracy, ensuring health care as a right, and restoring freedom of choice for all Americans.

By Eleanor Harrison

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