Basketball Stars Set to Descend on Phoenix: 2027 NBA All-Star Weekend Comes to Town.

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
Phoenix Makes Top 10 List for Best Sports Business Cities

Phoenix has been chosen to host the 2027 NBA All-Star Weekend, and Suns owner Mat Ishbia is overjoyed about the news. The city’s recent ranking as one of the top 10 cities for sports business by the Sports Business Journal played a crucial role in the decision.

The ranking took into account several factors, including the availability of modern venues, media partnerships, key vendors, safety, hospitality, and entertainment options. Phoenix made it to the top 10 this year and was recognized as a leading sports market in the Western region, just below cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The report highlighted several strengths of Phoenix, including its accessibility and compactness. With 14 professional sports venues within an hour’s drive, the Valley offers an impressive range of sports facilities for athletes and spectators alike. The area is also known for its thriving golfing culture and is home to numerous major sports venues such as a Super Bowl stadium and a PGA Tour venue. Permanent events like the NASCAR United Rentals Work United 500 and the ATP Arizona Tennis Classic further cement Phoenix’s reputation as a premier sports destination.

In recent years, Phoenix has invested heavily in new venues like Legacy Sports Complex in Mesa. The city’s relatively low tax rate, with a room tax of only 12.57%, makes it an attractive location for hosting major sporting events. With more impressive stadiums on the way, Phoenix’s status as a sports hub is only expected to grow.

Overall, Mat Ishbia is thrilled about Phoenix being selected to host the 2027 NBA All-Star Weekend. The city’s strong commitment to sports development has paid off with this prestigious event coming to town.

In conclusion, Phoenix has been recognized as one of the top cities for sports business due to its abundance of modern venues and thriving golfing culture. The city’s investment in new venues such as Legacy Sports Complex has added to its appeal for hosting major sporting events like basketball all-stars weekend in 2027.

With more impressive stadiums on their way, Phoenix will continue to grow its status as a premier sports destination in Arizona state.

By Eleanor Harrison

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