Adena Health Board of Trustees Welcomes New Chair and Diverse Expertise to Enhance Community Health Services

By Eleanor Harrison Mar26,2024
Adena Health Board of Trustees Appoints Officers and Introduces New Members

The Adena Health board of trustees in Chillicothe has recently appointed Steve Hirsch as the new chair, succeeding Jennifer McKell. McKell will continue to serve on the board as past chair, with Bob French serving as vice chair, Brian Ream as secretary, and Kevin Shoemaker as treasurer. The board has also welcomed three new members: Penny Dehner representing First Presbyterian Church, Jim Crabtree representing Trinity United Methodist Church, and Sean Kallner representing Tabernacle Baptist Church.

The new members bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the table. Dehner is a retired behavioral health administrator with experience at the Paint Valley ADAMH Board. Crabtree brings vast experience in education, marketing, and telecommunications management. Kallner has over 20 years of experience in finance, education, and senior leadership roles. The new members have replaced Bart Henshaw, Larry Phillips, and Joe Watson, who served the board for the maximum allowed terms.

Adena Health is governed by a 15-member board that consists of representatives from the founding churches, at-large members, and medical staff. The board’s diverse expertise helps address the needs of the community effectively. Adena Health offers a wide range of services that can be found on their website or social media platforms for more information.

By Eleanor Harrison

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