1,200 Students Showcase Impressive Tech-Savvy Abilities at 15th Annual Horry County Schools Technology Fair

By Eleanor Harrison Mar27,2024
More than 1,200 students join in the yearly HCS Technology Fair

Horry County Schools hosted the 15th annual technology fair in Myrtle Beach, showcasing the impressive tech-savvy abilities of over 1,200 students from 53 different schools. The event, held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, featured exhibits ranging from robotics and Rubik’s Cubes to drones and esports.

One standout participant was Abraham Shelton, a 2nd grader who created a project called Robotic Genius in just three months. His robot, which can move on its own using measurements and Bluetooth programs, highlights the impressive skills developed by students at the fair. Shelton expressed his excitement to continue building upon his knowledge of technology in the future.

The event was spearheaded by Ashley Gasperson, the Horry County Schools Digital Communications Coordinator, who emphasized the importance of technology in students’ lives. Gasperson’s passion for technology is evident in her dedication to organizing this annual fair, which she describes as her favorite day of the year. She noted that the fair goes beyond showcasing projects, focusing on life skills and communication developed by students.

Leaders of Horry County Schools expressed pride in the growth of the technology fair over the years and hinted at the possibility of expanding to state-level competitions in the future. The community was impressed by the talent and hard work displayed by

By Eleanor Harrison

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